About Us


All in one place

  • Rehleh Booking Engine is a travel technology  solution that has all travel services: flight/hotel/cruises/dynamic packages/car rental/transfer/train/events and more.


What Rehleh Travel Platform Include

  • Flights: 105+ BSPs; 1100+ airlines (regular, LLCs, charters) 
  • Hotel: 295 000 cities worldwide; Channel Manager; Hotel Mapping
  • Cruise: 17 biggest cruise lines
  • Car Rental: Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Budget, SIXT, operating all over the world
  • Transfer: Any transfers from group to individual, from A2B transfers, GTA and Hotelbeds
  • Train: 10+ railway providers
  • Packages:  Flight+Hotel / Flight+Hotel+Car / Flight+Car / Hotel+Car


Using Rehleh Platform/technology requires

  • NO large investments
  • NO IATA accreditation
  • NO GDS knowledge
  • NO contracts with each supplier separately
  •  NO deposits on each supplier's account
  •  NO XML API integrations
  •  NO IT knowledge
  •  NO special training

Frequently Asked Questions

What Agencies benefit from Using Rehleh technology?


Increase of profit, the best rates on the market that lets you put higher markup than with any other provider on the market. travel agency b2b IT services

Is the back office easy to use?


  • Advanced conditions for the mark up setting to ensure the sales of the bookings without constant human input
  • All kind of analytical tools in your Back Office to monitor the success of your business

Do we pay for the upgrades of the platform


Constant integration of new suppliers and better deals while you receive all of them automatically and free of charge. 

New suppliers, better deals with existing suppliers, new functions of the Back Office, more filters for search, improvements of the design - all of these is a constant part of our business, we never stay still; we believe that a all our partners shall improve with us.